This quiz is only a test: NBA Draft #1 Picks

Jason English

The NBA Draft is tonight, and you may want to flaunt your knowledge. But that's not the real reason I'm posting this quiz.

We've had sporadic reports of problems with the 'name x in y minutes' quizzes. If you're willing to do a little QA testing, could you let me know if it works? (Does the timer count down properly? Do you see a timer at all? Are your answers are accepted?)

In case you don't know any of the last 20 #1 picks but are in a QA testing mood, here are four of the answers: O'Neal, James, Oden and Duncan. When you type those in, they should be accepted immediately. You don't have to hit the return key. Let us know in the comments if you had any problems (and what browser/operating system you're on). Thanks!!

Take the quiz/QA test

(Besides, we already posted a much better NBA Draft quiz this week.)