Because I'm a total geek for trivia, and because I use every magazine as an opportunity to dominate my younger relatives in trivia boardgames (I can crush most of the the ones in elementary school), I wanted to share 8 things I learned from our latest magazine. Amazingly, they also double as 8 great reasons to check out the new issue!
Picture 23.png1) Bill Gates' wife Melinda was the project manager on Microsoft Bob the suite of products that led to Clippy. You know him as "that annoying cartoon paperclip who thinks you don't know how to write a letter." (p15)
2) Groucho Marx's personal cure for insomnia was to telephone people to insult them until he started yawning. (p17)

handk.jpg3) Harold and Kumar were originally trying to get to a Krispy Kreme, but the donut shop didn't want to be associated with the modern Cheech and Chong. (p20)
4) When Stravinsky's revolutionary The Rite of Spring first debuted, the performance was so confusing to the audience that it led to riots and a fistfight.
5) The Poincare Conjecture, aka the Hardest Math Problem in History, devastated lives along the way, including the mathematics superstar Edwin Moise. After years of work, Moise was so broken by the problem that "he never did serious math research again, and spent his last few years critiquing poetry." (p38)
6) In the 1904 Olympic Games, American George Eyser grabbed one bronze, two silvers and three gold medals, all while competing with a wooden leg! (p44)

7) In 1911, the cereal fad was so big that there were "107 brands of corn flakes" being made in Battle Creek alone. (p55)

acceptable dog.jpg8) China enforces a 14-inch height limit on all dogs within Beijing. (p61)

Of course, that's just a little of what's being offered. The new mental_floss has 72 pages of pure stories and facts guaranteed to delight, so click here to get a copy today!