Friday Happy Hour: Your Summer Netflix List

Jason English

We haven't held a Friday Happy Hour in a while. Let me throw out some questions.

1. Last weekend, we offered up the mental_floss summer reading list. But what about summer DVDs? What out-of-the-ordinary titles are you moving up in your Netflix queue?

2. You might not be enamored with your city or town, but I'm guessing everyone can get somewhere cool (and back) in a day. What's the best day trip option in your part of the world?

3. If you could invite any living musician to play a concert in your home for you and a few dozen friends, which artist would you choose?

4. We've been kicking around a potentially very fun idea with interns Ben, Kristen & Sydney, and I wanted to gauge your interest. If they were to pick a movie on cable and host a group chat/running diary kind of thing while it was airing, would you tune in and participate? (It doesn't have to be a movie. We'd just need to find something a large percentage of readers have access to.)

The interns would provide Pop-Up Video-esque commentary, give away prizes, and have a chance to get to know our readers. Anyway, it's just a seedling of an idea. Since we don't have group chat capabilities (at least I don't think we do), we'd probably do this on our Facebook page, or possibly here on the blog in a constantly-updating entry. All suggestions are welcome.

Have a great weekend!

* * * * *