Remote Buddy


Add a futuristic touch to your living room, if you think that will 1) make life easier or 2) impress your guests.

The Remote Buddy will make your living room look like the helm of the Enterprise. It has slots for four different remote controls plus a drink! There are also color-coded buttons that can be programmed to send a signal to lost remotes.

I have four remotes. Two are identical universal remotes that are supposed to be kept in separate rooms, but are often used for a game of "dueling channels." When one is misplaced, it actually makes life easier. Another is for the digital cable setup. We really don't need it, but it came with the cable box. The fourth is a remote that came with my new computer. It's the size of an iPod Shuffle, and would be completely lost in the Remote Buddy. It will never be used, because if I'm too far away to reach the computer, I'm too far away to see the computer! Now that I think of it, I have a few other remotes for the DVDs and VCRs, but they are stashed somewhere because the universal remotes do just fine.

Really, all you need for your entertainment system is one remote that works with everything. Having too many remotes is akin to hanging onto the huge stereo speakers you were so proud of back in the 70s, when great sound comes out of tiny little boxes now. But if you still want to fill your Remote Buddy, you can stick your Wiimote in there, and maybe your cell phone and iPod, although you should stick those in a recharging dock. Hey, THAT's what would make this gadget really useful -a recharging dock! But it would mean a wire running to it, or mounting it on the wall. At least the Remote Buddy has a drink holder. For only $59.98. The Remote Buddy will be available July 17th.