IQ-tips: 9 Steps to Fixing a Scratched CD (with"¦ a banana!)

David K. Israel

If you're like me, your CDs get pretty scratched up. With or without a jewel box, with or without a plastic sleeve, invariably they develop nicks and cuts as my son will decide to scrape one around on the wood floor for fun, or I'll just mishandle it while in the car, or, or, or"¦ There are myriad ways in which these soon-to-be obsolete discs get ruined, causing us to curse and throw the things in the trash, or just catalog them back in a CD booklet hoping one day in the future some miracle chemical cure-all will be invented to unscratch "˜em.

Whelp, the future is here, only the cure-all isn't a toxic chemical, but rather, a banana! Check out the later half of the video below to learn how to resurface them, or just see the list.

1. Peel the banana 2. Rub the banana on the CD in a circular motion 3. Use the underside of the peel and rub the banana in deeper 4. Wipe away the residue with a lint-free cloth, like you'd use to clean your car windows 5. Using another cloth, remove smudges with a spritz of Windex 6. Voila, she is like new!

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