Bob Dylan Tickets: We Have a Winner!

Mangesh & Jason

Last week, we mentioned we had two tickets to American Eagle's Summer Festival in Pittsburgh, and said we'd trade them for your most interesting Pittsburgh trivia.

After a grueling evaluation process, we've selected this gem from Anthony:

Pittsburgh is the birthplace of Czechoslovakia. On May 31, 1918 representatives of expatriate organizations met in Pittsburgh and signed the "Pittsburgh Agreement" - essentially a "declaration of independence" calling for the formation of a democratic republic comprising the Czech Lands and Slovakia. The agreement was signed in Pittsburgh because at home, in the then existing Austro-Hungary, the 29 Czech and Slovak signatories, including future Czechoslovakia's first president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, would most probably face death penalty as traitors. The signing attracted some 20,000 people. The original document was recently presented to the Heinz Regional History Center in Pittsburgh where it will be professionally preserved.

We'll be in touch about your prize. Congrats!

And if you'd like to attend the Summer Festival, you can get tickets here.