The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Bride's Dress Falls Apart at Altar

A 30-year-old woman in Italy is suing her dressmaker for 23,000 euros after her wedding dress fell apart. The stitching came undone as the couple stood at the altar, revealing her bottom to the congregation. The ceremony was completed, but proper photographs could not be taken at the wedding in 2006. The bride and her husband have since separated.

Immigrant Cat Survives 7 Days in Locked Truck

A cat named Mia jumped into a delivery truck in Ezstergom, Hungary looking for a place to give birth. The truck driver then drove over a thousand miles to the company's home base in Milton Keynes in the UK. The truck was not opened for the seven day journey, during which time Mia delivered two kittens. The adventure gained Mia a nomination for the 'Most Incredible Story' category at the upcoming Rescue Cat Awards 2008.

Woman Kills Husband with Folding Couch

A woman in St. Petersburg, Russia was upset with her drunk husband and kicked the handle of their automatic folding couch as he was lying on the fold-out bed. The bed folded up, and the husband was caught between the mattress and the back of the couch. She waited three hours to check on him. Emergency service workers responded, but said that the man had died instantly.

Human Pincushion Welcomes Olympics

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Naked Man Hijacks Bus

Police were called Tuesday after 35-year-old Charles P. Sell was seen naked and stealing beer in Las Vegas. Sells fled the scene, jumped onto a moving city bus, and broke out the back window to get inside. He threw the driver off the bus and drove it about 200 yards, then leapt off. A police officer had to board to stop the still-moving bus! Sells was arrested and sent for a mental evaluation, then booked on grand larceny and other charges.

Collecting Cow Farts

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Drunk Joins Firefighting Team

When a fire alarm rang out in Berlin, a 38-year-old inebriated man answered the call. He rushed to the fire station and was outfitted by firefighters, who did not know he was an impostor. After arriving at the burning apartment building, the other firefighters realized they had been infiltrated and called police.

"When fire breaks out, it's all hands on deck!" the man told officers when questioned about his motives. He was released without charge after sobering up overnight in a police cell.