New Shirts, Part 2 (and a 10% off sale!)

Mangesh & Jason

It's true! In addition to yesterday's new shirts (make sure to check them out here), we're unveiling 2 more new shirts right now. Today's shirts come from the brilliant minds of readers Roxanne Banks (who's responsible for the apathy shirt), and Lisa Sims (who you can blame for the English majors shirt)! The ideas were so funny, we simply had to make them part of the mental_floss wardrobe. Thanks so much for the ideas. Of course, we can't go without also mentioning our wonderfully talented design team here at the _floss as well. Thanks also to Terri Dann and Winslow Taft who mocked up these amazing looks.

In any case, if you want one for yourself, they're on sale here. Simply enter the word "shirt" in the discount code to claim a 10% discount.

Got an idea you desperately need t-shirted? Feel free to send it here. There's $125 and a free t-shirt in it for you if we dig your concept.