The Quick 10: 10 Famous Vegetarians

Kristen Steagall

Vegetarians are often the butt of much ridicule - they are picky eaters, high maintenance, self-righteous, overly sensitive. I even remember being told that I smell bad because I was a vegetarian by my friends in high school. But vegetarians should rejoice in the good company they keep (well, except Hitler). Here is a list of just some of the most famous vegetarians in history.

10 Famous Vegetarians

1. Leo Tolstoy: The famous Russian writer wrote several essays on the benefits of vegetarianism. You can read one here.
2. Voltaire
3. Adolf Hitler: Hitler practiced a vegetarianism created by Richard Wagner, which equated the future of Germany's success with abstaining from meat.
4. Albert Einstein
5. Clint Eastwood: As a long-time animal rights activist, Eastwood has also been very outspoken against hunting and killing animals for sport.
6. Leonardo Da Vinci: Da Vinci used to buy caged birds from vendors at the market in order to set them free.
7. The Beatles
8. Dr. Dre
9. Buddha
10. Pythagoras: As well as giving us the Pythagorean theorem, Pythagoras gave us the Pythagoras diet, which laid the foundation for modern vegetarianism.