Early Christianity -- yours for the taking


If you missed our interview with J. Michael Matkin, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Early Christianity, you might want to check that out here because today we're giving away a copy of the book. Here's how to win: Be the first person to answer the following questions correctly in the comments below "“

1) Name the three Idiot's Guide books that J. Michael Matkin owns (not including the ones he wrote). 2) What was Apostle Paul's name before he hit the road to Damascus? 3) According to J. Michael Matkin, which of the four gospels is believed to have been written first and which was penned last? 4) What is the name of the Rolling Stones song that mentions the Roman believed to have ordered Jesus' crucifixion? 5) What is the name of the novel said to have inspired said Rolling Stones song?