10th Caption Contest Finalists!

David K. Israel

[there's still time to vote your favorite!]

Thanks to all who entered our 10th Caption Contest. As always, some of them really made us laugh! Now it's up to you all to pick the winner, after the jump you'll find our 10 favorites.
Drop your vote in the comments below and may the best caption win! (Remember: one vote per person please.)

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And the finalists are"¦

a) In Soviet Russia, party crashes you!
b) Melvin now realized that the piano on Thursday and the wardrobe yesterday were not freak accidents"¦.someone wanted him dead.
c) Dude"¦ this party is gonna leave us with a killer of a hangover!
d) Reservation at the B&B: $150
Sportscar rental: $82.50
Getting the extra insurance: Priceless
e) The final seconds before a spectacular ending to Newton's First Law of Motion.
f) Alright Jim, I'll give you this one, aside from coincidence there IS an element of irony here.
g) Tonight we're gonna Party like it's $19.99!
h) ""¦and here I thought it would be the balloon mortgage payments that would kill us."
i) THIS is the LAST time I ask you for any favors!!
j) Hey Jimmy, do me a favor and speed up! Some clown is chasing us.