WarGames 25-Year Retrospective Panel

Chris Higgins

Remember WarGames? 25 years ago, it was the movie that brought such nerdy topics as IMSAI computers, modems, War Dialing, implausibly oversmart artificial intelligence, and Matthew Broderick to a global audience. (Well okay, it was technically Broderick's second film role, but I don't see anybody doing a 25-year retrospective on Max Dugan Returns....) Anyway, WarGames was a big hit, and an inspiration for young nerds everywhere. 25 years on, Google invited a panel of writers involved with the movie to discuss its creation and legacy.

The panel includes:

Lawrence Lasker - Writer/Producer
Walter Parkes - Writer/Producer
Peter Schwartz - Author of The Art of the Long View

The three panelists were also involved with another great hacker movie, Sneakers. But that's another story.

(Via Waxy.org.)