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Allison Keene

Film buffs may be well acquainted with the Spaghetti Western, but how much do you know about making Western Spaghetti? This video from our friends at the Daily Tube uses stop motion animation to make a meal from inedible household objects that still manage to make my tummy rumble!

Flossy reader Kay sends us a link to the 365 Days Project, a website that "features music from some of the strangest and obscure artists out there. Some of my favorites are songs from a smurf album and an Art Linkletter sex ed. record!" I looked up my birthday and found a psychedelic mix of voices and sounds from 1968 turned into song ... the original mash-up perhaps?

From Rose, who got this link from her grandfather (I don't know why I think that's cool, but I do) - pictures of people arranged in a field to make a human Statue of Liberty, and other American symbols that were originally going to be used for propaganda posters.

Also from Rose, a website of staggering, but fascinating, world statistics. Or for some world stats of a lighter note, (often strange) favorite pizza toppings from around the world. (Thanks Jill!)

Larry has sent in two selections from his blog, one leading to Ultimate Geek Art and Graffitti, and the other one highlighting the smallest house in the world ... which really reminds me of my apartment, no joke.

We're halfway through baseball season now that the All-Star Game and break is over (and what a game that was), and so on behalf of all fellow baseball fans, the story behind "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," from Tony.

If you're stuck inside this weekend for any reason, kill some time reading crazy conspiracy theories involving the moon landing, just in time for the Apollo 11 anniversary. (Thanks Paul!)

You Flossers might find some interest from this diagram which illustrates linguistic origins. And if you're feeling pretty confident in your knowledge of the origins of words themselves, check out this etymology quiz, where I scored pretty poorly, I'll admit.

The eyes may or may not be the window to the soul, but they CAN reveal what a person is really thinking (or, in this case, conjuring up). This site tells you how, in most cases, you can tell if the person you're conversing with is lying to you by studying their eye movement.

Hand.jpg /

If you're a weather geek like me, you may enjoy playing with this tool from, which allows you to create weather conditions that may or may not spawn a hurricane (click on the "shortcut" at the bottom of the page, or section 7 to go straight to it)

Whether you're a blogger or just in the market for some pictures, here's a site that provides tons of links to free stock images for your perusing pleasure. To read more about stock images and how they anticipate global trends, check out this Slate article.

And while you're at it, if you have time, here is a website that helps you write rhymes.

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