Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and company's historic moon landing. In digging around, I found these great photos on TheCellar. Apparently, they're the new vehicles from NASA's Constellation program (the mission to get man back on the moon by 2020). While I can't say I'm that excited about the program itself (didn't we already go to the moon?), these photos from the Johnson Lunar Yard are ridiculous! I'm not sure why everything's so shiny. After all, car washes seem like a chore to find in space, even with the new iPhone. Or why everything's so large. But these photos do make me smile. Check out NASA's site when you get a second. I hadn't looked at their site in years, and it's gotten a lot fancier. They've got lots of stunning photography, and fascinating updates posted there.

I like how shiny this is, but I think they could have spent a little more on rims.

Picture 172.png

I'm guessing these are the trailers from the set of NASA's upcoming Untitled Picture?
Picture 54.png

Picture 141.png
Gorgeous, right?! Link via the always fascinating TheCellar.