7 Geeky Flowcharts


There are those who would say the phrase "geeky flowcharts" is redundant, since flowcharts are pretty geeky in themselves. However, some stand above the crowd because of their subject matter or the delightful self-referential humor in each vector.

Geek Life

This Geek Flowchart from the New York Times has no arrows, but it really doesn't matter. We all know what they're talking about.

Geek Hierarchy

432geekhierarchy.jpg /

Brush up on what's geekier than what with the Geek Hierarchy Flowchart. See a larger version and several other flowcharts in this post.

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432genealogy.jpg /

The Genealogue has a flow chart to guide you through what really happens when people trace their genealogy by using the internet. I only have room for a small portion at the beginning; see the rest here.


432procrastination.jpg /

The Accordian Guy made this procrastination flowchart, probably when he was supposed to be doing something more important. See the full size version here.


432bacon.jpg /

The tastiest internet meme of all was enshrined in flowchart form.

Comic Book Villains

432supervillians.jpg /

Cracked readers constructed Insane Supervillain Schemes In Flowchart Form for a competition. They posted the top 20. Yes, twenty of them! The above flowchart was ranked at #12. The subject of #1 flowchart may surprise you, but you'll laugh anyway.


432error.jpg /

Next Wave Performance made a flowchart for their error page. It contains some FAQs, including "Do you have a visual representation of what happened?" followed by a flowchart. This is only a portion; the entire chart is on the error page.

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