The Rock-afire Explosion

Chris Higgins

Remember Showbiz Pizza Place? In the 80's, Showbiz franchise restaurants competed with Chuck E. Cheese's, offering animatronic robot rock, an arcade, and (perhaps only incidentally) pizza. The most memorable aspect of the entertainment experience was the Rock-afire Explosion, a full animatronic band that played in sync to hits of the day, employing surprisingly detailed movements and choreography. Although Showbiz Pizza was ultimately taken over by rival Chuck E. Cheese's, some complete Rock-afire Explosion bands still remain in private hands, and a subculture has grown up around their continued use. Rock-afire choreographers are still programming the bands, with amazing results.

Now, filmmaker Brett Whitcomb is producing a documentary on the Rock-afire Explosion's history and current reinvigoration. The film is set for release this fall, and the newly released trailer is below. Featuring Rock-afire Explosion choreographers like Chris Thrash, this promises to be an awesome experience for kids of all ages.

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(Via Pop Candy.)