A Village Genius and his Electricity-less Fridge

Mangesh Hattikudur

I just saw this amazing invention on Neatorama, and was totally awed by the simplicity of it. A Nigerian school teacher named Mohammed Bah Abba has invented a cheap and convenient clay pot method of keeping foods chilled, aimed to help poor villagers who don't have access to electricity. Mohammed Bah Abba's pot-within-a-pot idea was so clever that he nabbed a ROLEX Award, netting him $100,000 for his ingenuity. Here's how it works, according to Chris Gupta:

"You take a smaller pot and put it inside a larger pot. Fill the space in between them with wet sand, and cover the top with a wet cloth. When the water evaporates, it pulls the heat out with it, making the inside cold."

So smart and easy. (Does no one else do this?) And apparently, more girls are able to go to school because they don't have to go to market to sell off the unrefrigerated perishable food products every day. Pretty stunning. Of course, if I was Muhammad Ali's agent right now, I'd jump at a licensing opportunity. After all, if Foreman Grills did so well for Ali's "Rumble in the Jungle" opponent, I don't see why Cassius Clay's Clay Refrigerators wouldn't take off as well. Link via the always reliable Neatorama.