The Quick 10: 10 Things People Were Buried With

Stacy Conradt

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Let it be known that when I die, I want to be buried with a box of Frankenberries. You know, in case I get hungry. I love Frankenberries.

10 Things People Were Buried With

1. Sir Walter Raleigh - his favorite pipe and a tin of tobacco.
2. Wild Bill Hickok - his Sharps rifle.
3. Rudolph Valentino - a slave bracelet.
4. Bela Lugosi - his Dracula cape.
5. Humphrey Bogart - a small gold whistle.
6. Elvis - a diamond ring.
7. Frank Sinatra - a flask of Jack Daniels whiskey.
8. Sandra Ilene West (California socialite) - her 1964 Ferrari.
9. Princess Diana - a set of rosary beads given to her by Mother Teresa
10. Andy Warhol - a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume.