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Allison Keene

>>Most of us don't need any more people nagging us to do this or that, but if nagging is your primary means of inspiration out of laziness, by all means use this site, which promises to hassle you about whatever you choose in a variety of mediums on a set schedule (with, it assures, some unforeseen nagging just to be sure to get the message across).

>>For those of you who might like to live like the Flinstones - where animals are substituted for technology - you may find just what you're looking for in this clip of a rabbit who also works as a perfect letter opener. I will note, however, that I am dubious as to how safe that paper is for the bunny to consume. I mean, we all know what happened to George Costanza's fiancée ...

>>A list of Eight of the World's Most Unusual Plants. I've seen some weird stuff growing in the jungle behind my house, but nothing that interesting. For more, check out Stacy's vintage post on the subject.

>>This is by far my favorite link this week. Forget Mr. Potato Head - try out Mr. Picasso Head. Here's a little something I made the other night. I'd be interested to see some of your own creations, so feel free to send them to, and I'll link to the best ones next week!

>>I certainly can't vouch for the accuracy of the results, but before you consider visiting a shrink for your stress problems, consult Dr. Hello Kitty for a stress test. Yes, you heard right. Try it for yourself!

>>The artistic value of graffiti is oft debated, but these 3D graffiti sculptures are definitely amazing and one-of-a-kind.

>>We've done this before, but here's another great round of Ads versus Reality. I have to say, I'm writing this up around lunchtime, and even the soggy-looking realities are looking pretty tasty right about now.

>>"If they can do it, why can't we?" Or so says Let's Be Friends, a blog featuring unlikely animals getting along together just peachy. A few of these look photoshopped ... or am I just letting cynicism get the best of me?

>>Want to see exactly which parts of the earth art lit by the sun or deep in the shadows right this moment? ... look no further.

>>At first I thought this website on how to fold a shirt was a joke, until I watched it a few times and then tried it. It really does work! And it's kind of a nifty trick.

>>Beautiful but devastating - a volcano eruption coincides with a lightning storm.

>>Spend some time wielding animated 3D shapes and exploring their possibilities here by dragging and clicking on the various objects to the left.

>>I have become a huge audiobook fan of late, and find it a great way to mellow out whilst in traffic or just before bed. Here's a link to free classics on audiobook, although I may not recommend using these while driving. A cure for insomnia, perhaps.

>>All of you in college or recently graduated will be well familiar with this schedule on how to write a paper.

>>Continue to floss your brain at this site, where you can engage in memory tests and other exercises for the gray matter.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Clean out that Favorites folder and send all your internet arcana, pictures and links to

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