Clip Fan: Uncool to be Cool?

Miss Cellania

It's a solar-powered fan that clips to your hat! You'll get a cool breeze on your face when you're out in the sun. But do you want to? Coolest Gadgets says it better than I can:*

This is one of those gadgets you can only get away with if you're either married, very old or completely shameless.  It is a solar fan which attaches to the bill of your hat to keep you cool while out antiquing or whatever it is people do that wear strange hats.  This ranks up there with the umbrella hats, both of them are just not right.

OK, yeah, it would look dorky in a socks-with-sandals and fannypack kind of way. The kind of thing you'd expect to see on Senior Day at Sea World. As an older uncool person myself, I think this could be just fine in the backyard when you're working by yourself in the hot sun, gardening or mowing. And if a workman could attach it to a hard hat, who is going to make fun of him? Certainly not me. But if a loved one threatened to wear this in public, I would advise them to think again.

There's no battery pack, so it won't help you at night or on cloudy hot days. Available online for $10.