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mental_floss Rejoices at return of full RSS Feeds

Mangesh & Jason

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Birmingham, ALA. Today, at 4:15pm EST, the editorial board of mental_floss magazine kept their promise to  readers and turned their blog's RSS feed back to full blast. The feed had been temporarily disabled due to hacking issues. The gushing stream of full RSS stories hitting inboxes around the nation was quickly followed by cheers heard across America, and the popping of champagne corks distribution of celebratory juice boxes around the magazine's headquarters.
"This is a great day for mental_floss and this is a great day for our readers!" exclaimed a triumphant Will Pearson, President of the company. "But mostly this is a great day for mental_floss." The comment was nearly drowned out by the thunderous sounds of high-fiving and back patting taking place.

Readers interested in subscribing to the mental_floss' RSS feeds can do so by clicking on the RSS button within the Site Tools box, generally located above the dreamy personal of the day.