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Our first $100 challenge!

Mangesh & Jason
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The Challenge:

Using the current issue (July/August) of mental_floss magazine, submit the answers to all 10 of the following questions to

The Prize:

The first person to submit the correct answers for all 10 questions to wins a crisp $100 bill (or an enormous bag full of nickels). Here goes:

The Questions:

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2. Marlene Dietrich used to eat sardine-and-onion sandwiches on rye as an unconventional cure to treat what ailment?

3. "Wink at your grocer, and see what you get!" was used in the ad campaign for what product?

4. Were they women or were they men? This question surrounded the careers of what incredibly impressive track-and-field sisters?

5. Leonard Bernstein once told his orchestra, ""Don't you get it? This piece is about sex!" To what piece was he referring?

6. MacPhisto was the 1992 devilish alter ego of what celeb?

7. Previously known as the Tortugas and the Lagartos, what is the current name of these islands?

8. What American strong-armed himself into the Nicaraguan presidency in 1856?

9. Making death masks from guillotined prisoners launched the career of what political prisoner?

10. Prison pals: What was the percentage increase in prison mail since our last issue?

Now submit your answers to! Oh, and if you haven't already picked up the issue, go ahead and do that here.