The Quick 10: 10 Politicians With "Interesting" Names

Sydney Beveridge

As Barack Obama and John McCain mull over their vice-presidential picks, they might consider things like experience and issues, when maybe they should focus on names.

Taking a lesson from the New York State senate and congressional campaigns, here are a few names of actual candidates and how the elections turned out for them.

10 (OK... 15) Politicians With "Interesting" Names

Ten Losers:
1. James A. Tranquill
2. Burton G. Trick
3. Francisco Spies
4. Reginald Callus
5. Ryan J. Confusione
6. Hillard Boss
7. Adrienne Flipse
8. Penny Arcade
9. Roger Junk
10. Michael Siesta

And Five Winners:
1. John Flack
2. Peter G. Crummey
3. Norman Guile
4. Floyd H. Flake
5. George H. Winner, Jr. (it turns out that you can be a born winner)