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Allison Keene

This link is too good to not have already traversed the well worn paths of the internet yet, but if you haven't seen it, I feel it is my duty to provide for you what I consider to be one of the greatest achievements in mixing nostalgia with current pop candy. A guy bought those infamous singing animals from Chuck E. Cheese and programs requests into them for the viewing pleasure of the masses. Check out the band performing Usher's "Love in the Club."

Flossy reader Jill attended Comic Con this year, and has posted excellent pictures of some of the costumes on her blog. Check out the guy dressed as "Nurse" Joker (if anyone can't tell by now, I'm a little Batman-obsessed).

Need a place to shack? You could try living in a dollhouse, or consider this other affordable living arrangement. If you're the more paranoid type, you may want to pool your resources and invest in something a tad sturdier.

Let's face it, technology is taking over our lives. So whether you've started to witness your desktop icons attacking one another or seen the cursor the Bill Gates uses to control the world, perhaps it's just best to give in.

One thing I always like to illustrate in the Weekend Links is the concept that if you have enough time on your hands, you can create anything. Here's another great example of that, in the form of a skeleton created from melted cassettes.

This site allows you to create your own kaleidoscope, which guarantees trippy fun. A more updated version of the site is available here (although it didn't load as fast as the original for me).

TV may be called the Idiot Box and the Boob Tube for good reasons, but sometimes we can learn things from the shows we watch. For example, Animaniacs list the nations of the world in song. You can see how well you retain the information by trying a quiz. Or, on a less global scale, a song about the states and their capitals, after which you can try your hand at this flossy quiz. Did it help?

From Paul, a suggestion for how to experiment with one of the world's most unnatural and resilient compounds ... the Twinkie.

The Glass Armonica ... an instrument banned for seeming to cause insanity, read more about it and listen if you dare.

For music that won't drive you mad (mad, mad I tell you!), Rachel has sent in two great links this week. First, the beatboxing flute guy and his cello-playing friend never fail to impress. Also, everyone should appreciate how those familiar Pachelbel chords find themselves in so many popular songs, as illustrated by the excellent Pachelbel Rant.

From, "We've had the naked chef who really wasn't naked at all, but have you heard about naked dining? This clip is actually from last year, but it showcases a group who get together, rent a room, and dine in the buff together. Basically, while it's cold outside, they shed their clothes, sit down, and chow down in their birthday suits." (Thanks Jan!)

I promised last week to post some of the creations from your fellow Flossers via, and here they are:
"Maestro" by Nerak
"Confessions of a Red Hot Lover" by Anonymous (of course)
"Crescendo" by Rachel
"no. 3" by sb22
"The Kiss" by the most excellent Ryan Anderson

Whilst searching for something entirely different on Mental Floss, I discovered a vintage Friday Happy Hour where Jason asked for links while I was out of town. Somehow these got lost in the vault, so I will be posting them, belatedly, next week. In the meantime, keep sending in your findings, pictures, shameless plugs, and whatnot to!

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