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On the lamb: Sheep gets stuck on 2nd story rooftop

Mangesh Hattikudur

TheCellar is reporting that a hungry sheep in Harrogate, North Yorkshire was looking for greener pastures on Friday, and jumped from the ground to the roof of a little shed. He then continued to show off his Q-bert like prowess by jumping from one roof to another, until he was on top of a second story house!

According to papers, the wooly phenom was calmly grazing on vegetation growing between roof tiles when a fire crew showed up to rescue him. When the crews got close, the sheep darted from his makeshift buffet, and fled for another rooftop. Unfortunately, he broke a leg in the process. Apparently, he's back in the hands of farmer and on the mend. As Ben Cairns, from Harrogate Fire Station Green Watch, told the DailyMail: "It's possibly the most unusual animal that we have attempted to rescue from a roof." I love that he used the word possibly. In any case, the full story and more pictures are here at the always fascinating TheCellar.