Knitting 'Super Mario Brothers,' Level One

Ransom Riggs

Blogger Cassie is a self-proclaimed nerd and an obsessive knitter, and has made her latest big project the subject of its very own blog: MarioScarf. If you're not geek enough to guess what the Mario Scarf is just from its title, allow a former 8-bit addict to lay it out for you: Cassie has taken it upon herself to knit "the entire first-level map of Super Mario Brothers. SMB levels are linear maps and the Mario and Luigi characters move from left to right from start to the castle at the end. Also, the images in these games are designed in the 8-bit fashion and look like they were drawn using graph paper. Each knitting stitch can replicate a square in the image making knitted 8-bit images look like they're supposed to." (Above, Cassie's awesome knitnerd tattoo.)

But why take on such a daunting project? There have been Nintendo-inspired knitting projects before, but certainly none of this magnitude. Cassie explains:

Jason and I were talking about our future. We both know that we want to get married, but as Jason will be attending law school in fall 2008, I'm still looking for a teaching job, and Jason just bought a house, having a wedding seems a little bit out of our budget for the time being; however, we're open to the possibility of getting engaged soon. Jason decided to to offer me a deal- when the Mario Scarf is finished then he will propose. Motivation at last!

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