Jesus Spotted in Pancake (and 6 other places)


My favorite things about Slow News Days are the wealth of religious sightings that seem to crop up. Whether it's Jesus making an appearance on a snack food, or other religious figures spotted in knots of wood, local news crews are always there to get the scoop. Here are seven of the my favorite recent religious sightings.

1. In a potato

This past January, Pastor Renee Brewster of Florida's Marion County found something sacred in her starches. Feeling reluctant about making potato salad for her church because it wasn't her normal task, Brewster asked God for a sign that she should continue making the dish. A few moments later, while slicing potatoes, she discovered what she thought was a rotten spot. Her 10-year-old granddaughter saw something else: the image of Jesus on the cross. Brewster keeps the sacred spud on ice to preserve the memory.

2. On a pancake

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3. In a sonogram

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When 23-year-old Amanda Skelding (now Amanda McLean) discovered her pregnancy in March 2007, she did what most women with child do: she scheduled an ultrasound. At her appointment, she was shocked to see the face of Jesus staring back at her from her womb.

McLean suffers from the womb complaint endometriosis and has had two miscarriages.

Doctors in her hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, had told her she had less than a one in 10 chance of giving birth to a healthy child, but she was now pregnant with a daughter. For McLean, the sighting came as total reassurance and she claimed that she felt someone was looking out for her child before it was born.

4. On a kitten

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5. In spumoni

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6. On a tree

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7. On a grilled cheese sandwich

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