My Groggy Return

Jason English

This morning at 9am, the clock ran out on my paternity leave. Now I need a vacation.

Before I get back to business, let me offer a weary thanks to Will & Mangesh, who let me tend to my new daughter these last three weeks, and to Andréa Fernandes, who's been performing various mission critical duties above and beyond her job description.

In my absence, a small mountain of email has piled up.

"Why haven't you done a quiz on gameshow hosts?"

"What happened to the 'Pictures From Our Readers' series?"

"Is Mangesh single?"

All good questions.* And I'm sure there are plenty more queries and suggestions out there. So tomorrow, from 1-4pm Eastern Time, we'll be holding Office Hours, where you can IM or email whatever is on your mind. Details and contact info will be posted in the morning.

*Answers: 1) There is no good reason. 2) We're working on the next assignment. Feel free to offer up suggestions, either tomorrow or in the comments below. 3) Sorry, ladies.