The Most Popular Sailboat Names

Jason English

Our friend Noah Brier pointed us toward this list of the most popular sailboat names, which he found on I'm not sure how official these rankings are, but we were both surprised to see Mental Floss among the leaders—one might be in a lake near you.

We're prepared to offer one (1) free mental_floss t-shirt to the first (1st) person who emails us a photo of a boat named Mental Floss. While it would be really cool to have our own boat/office, having the photo evidence to pretend we have our own boat/office is the next best thing.

UPDATE: That was quick. Readers Lisa and Barry have emailed a link to Mental Floss Fishing. I'll be in touch about your shirts. We'll also award one (1) shirt to the first person who sees a boat named Mental Floss in person, takes a photo, and sends it in.

UPDATE #2: Plenty of quick Photoshopped submissions came pouring in. Eric's was my favorite...

flossboat2.jpg /