Tee-Shirts That Spell Trouble

Ransom Riggs

In high school, I was an unabashed fan of weird and silly tee-shirts. But the relative merits of having people stare at your chest all day are debatable, and after weathering about a million snarky comments from yahoos at the mall and wherever else re: shirts like the one at left (designed by my friend Will) or one of my old favorites, which simply read "I hate Florida!" and had a picture of the state of Florida with an X through it (hey, I grew up there; my views on the subject have mellowed a bit since then) -- I decided to get out of the wacky tee-shirt-wearing business. What I discovered was that even now, in this age of can't-shock-me stoicism and daily exposure to porn spam, something as simple as a tee-shirt can ignite controversy. I never got suspended from school or ejected from the mall, but plenty of people have -- and here are a few of them.

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