The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Police Want Beer Goggles Back

Police in Buffalo Grove, Illinois are missing their beer goggles. The special $150 glasses are designed to simulate the effects of intoxication by changing the wearer's visual perception. The department used them in school demonstrations on the dangers of drunk driving. The goggles went missing from a table at a public event, and the public has been asked to help find them. Police believe they were probably taken by accident.

Mystery Torch Guard Becomes Chinese Sex Symbol

China will not release the names of the squad of guards charged with escorting the Olympic torch on its worldwide journey, so they have been given nicknames in China. "Second Brother on the Right", named for his customary position, has become a sensation among Chinese women, who are charmed by his looks and demeanor, as well as his bravery in the face of trouble during the torch relay in various countries. The nameless young man has received tons of publicity as well as propositions and proposals via internet.

World's Oldest Bouncer Retires

Bob Dudley began working the door at the Irchester (England) Working Men's Club after he retired as a factory manager at age 65. Twenty-five years later, he finally retired from his second career -on his 90th birthday! Dudley was chosen as bouncer because of the mental toughness he showed as a prisoner of war in Germany. He excelled at the job, making sure that anyone entering the club was a member.

"I think it is important to keep working into old age. It keeps you lively and active and stops you from slouching about all over the place. It is really fulfilling."

Grape Auction Brings 100,000 Yen

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Angler's Ashes Turned Into Fish Food

Peter Hodge of Puriton, Somerset, England was an avid fisherman for 40 years before learning he was dying of terminal motor neurone disease. He requested that after death that his body be turned into fish food! The 61-year old Hodge died last month, and his cremated remains were mixed with 30 pounds of his own recipe for groundbait. His widow and daughter were the first to pitch the fish food into the River Huntspill, at a ceremony to begin a fishing competition among Hodge's friends. Hodge's wife Caroline said,

"He wanted the fish to gobble him up so he could swim up and down the river after his death.

"Everything that he wished for was done right down to the last. It was only right for us to carry out his final wishes."

Truck Buyer Uses $8,000 in Coins

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Birmingham, England, Alabama, What's the Difference?

Officials in Birmingham, England used a picture of Birmingham, Alabama by mistake when printing official leaflets on recycling. The headline says "Thank You Birmingham!" over a picture of the Alabama city. The City Council spent £15,000 to print and distribute 720,000 of the leaflets before the error was discovered by a resident who Googled the American city to be sure. There are no plans to reprint the leaflets.