Glowing Purse


The most basic and universal use of human technology is to light the dark places. Yes, heat is nice, but not necessary for so many who live in tropical zones. The need for illumination made fire a turning point in human civilization. Thomas Edison invented hundreds of useful items such as the phonograph and the municipal power grid, but he's remembered first as the inventor of the light bulb. Anyone with children, or who has ever been a child, knows that a little bit of light does a great job of warding off things that go bump in the night. But there was one place that resisted illumination, to the annoyance of women everywhere. The dark and mysterious recesses of a woman's purse contain the most crucial items: money, ID, keys, and other possessions that are important enough to keep with you. Finding those things just got easier.

The Glowing Purse, by Kawamura & Ganjavian has a lining embedded with micro-LEDs that can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch. Then you can see the difference between your glasses case and your phone, or between a lipstick and a breath spray. Best of all, you can see where your keys sank to the bottom of the depths. You can plug the purse into a recharging base or switch out the battery when needed.

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Someone should have thought of this a long time ago! Unfortunately, it's still a concept, but if the market is there (and it is) these may be available to purchase someday. I hope when that happens, more styles will be offered -I want one with a shoulder strap. In a better color. And I'll need another for my kids to leave on all night.