Neil-Diamond-Posters1.jpgI like me a good remake from time to time. Both Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin successfully covered Muddy Waters' "You Shook Me," for example. And then there's that great Aretha Franklin remake of Otis Redding's "Respect." And who can argue with Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt"? But generally, I tend to prefer the original recording artists. Here are seven that I'll take any day over their more famous covers.

1. "Hound Dog"

Forget Elvis. This Big Mama Thorton classic from 1952 really says it all, if you ask me.

2. "Oye Como Va"

Tito Puente's original1963 recording of "Oye Como Va" mambos the 1970 Santana version right off the dance floor, no?

3. "Torn"

I'll take Ednaswap's original 1995 recording over Natalie Imbruglia's any day. (Tho I do dig those L'Oréal ads.)

4. "I'm a Believer"

I just saw Neil Diamond in concert last week and man-o-man can that guy still croon. He played his original "I'm a Believer" and I forgot the Monkees ever existed (to say nothing of Smash Mouth, sigh).

5. "All Along the Watchtower"

I happen to be a huge Hendrix fan (we share a birthday). But when it comes to this classic, Dylan sort of summed it all up if you ask me.

6. "My Life"

Does anyone really prefer the more famous No Doubt version to Talk Talk's?


7. "Smooth Criminal"

The Alien Ant Farm cover is okay at the gym, maybe"¦ maybe. Well, it's not criminal, by any means, let's just say that. But drop the needle on the old Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson original off Bad and you'll hear how the remake pales by comparison.

What are some of your favorite original recordings that have been messed with?

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