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Friday Happy Hour: Design Your Own Spinoff (Then Buy Some Shirts)

Jason English

1. On Monday, Stacy's Quick 10 looked at TV spinoffs that didn't quite make it. Let's pretend for a moment that you are an extraordinarily powerful TV executive. You have the ability to create a spinoff for any character from any show in history. Niles & Daphne could raise a family; Fred & Ethel could open a laundromat. (Your power includes time travel.) Or perhaps more obscure characters could take on more eccentric challenges. What character would you spin off? What would you call the new show?

The person with the best spinoff idea will win a copy of Dick Van Patten's Totally Terrific TV Trivia. We'll announce that on Monday.

2. I've been really into cherries this summer. I'm 80% sure my cravings started on June 4, when I saw designer Terri Dann's delicious banner on Sandy + Kara's 'Cherry, Cherry' quiz. When this phase began, cherries were $2.49/pound at my local ShopRite. Very reasonable, I thought. Wednesday night they were $6.99/pound. I may have to go cold turkey. And yes, I bought 1.5 pounds. I can't stop.

All this rambling is leading to a question—what's your 'food of the summer'? (And by that I mean something you weren't eating a lot of in the past, but it has been a large part of your summer caloric intake. Drinks will be accepted.)

3. Now that I've confessed my designer cherry habit, you'll understand why we need to sell some t-shirts. Our big sale is wrapping up tonight.

saleimage1.jpg /

This third one is obviously shameless self-promotion, but here's a question—what shirt topics should we add to the mix? Geology? Botany? Whig politics?

And if you think you have a great t-shirt idea, send it to If we use your shirt, you get $125, a free shirt, plus a lifetime of bragging rights and something random for your resume. Some of our most popular shirts have come from our brilliant readers:

4-shirts-2.jpg /

Shirt credits: Katie Kelly (Hyperbole), Colin Neagle (Constitution), Stefanie Fontanez (Christian Sects), and Ira Wray (Palindromes).