If Joe Biden is elected Vice President, he would be...


...the first VP from Delaware.

...the first Catholic Vice President. (John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic President, but to date we haven't had a Catholic in the second slot.)

...the first VP who graduated from the University of Delaware. UD alums have, of course, taken plenty of other fields by storm (notable alumni include rocker George Thorogood, MVP quarterback Rich Gannon and Dutch-born astronaut Lodewijk van den Berg, who flew on the 1985 Challenger mission). Biden wouldn't be the only alum in Barry's camp, though. David Plouffe, Senator Obama's campaign manager was also a Blue Hen.

...the first VP born on November 20. Biden does share his birthday with a few other famous politicians, though—most notably Robert Kennedy (1925) and Senator Robert Byrd (1917).

...the first VP named Joe.

If Senator McCain selects Senator Joe Lieberman (he won't, but it's been rumored), we'll be guaranteed our first Joe VP. If McCain selects Romney as his running mate and goes on to win in November, Romney would be the first Willard.