Growth Spurt: The _floss & The Inc. 5000

Jason English
new-piano.jpg /

mental_floss was recently ranked #2,939 on the Inc. 5000, and apparently we're one of the 50 fastest growing media companies. If this keeps up, maybe next year we can hire a freelance piano player to provide mood music.

You don't get to be America's 2,939th fastest growing company without such loyal readers (well, at least not in the media sector). So thanks for letting our magazine into your homes, our shirts into your wardrobes and our site into your bookmarks folder. If you'd like to further immerse yourself, everything in our store is 10% off. Just use the code "inc" during checkout.

(It turns out the piano's arrival is unrelated to the Inc. ink. But it's still exciting, and opens up a whole new can of possibilities for the site. In a future video post, maybe Mangesh and I can cover the All in the Family theme song. That should rocket us into the triple digits next year.)