Labor Day Quiz Marathon: Nickelodeon

Brett Savage
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Nickelodeon programming taught me a lot about myself during my formative years. I learned that I could draw a simple picture relatively well as long as the drawing process took place under the masterful tutelage of Bill Cosby. I learned that I could sit upside-down on my friend Matt Hall's couch for about twenty minutes in order to make the one scene where the image is inverted in You Can't Do That On Television appear normal. I learned that my neighbors could end up on TV—as long as it was Nickelodeon. And I knew that if any rival family on the block wanted to resolve a dispute with a "physical challenge" we'd...well, we'd probably establish a lifetime shun on the spot, but at least we would know what they were talking about.

Half the fun of Nickelodeon was tuning in to find out what those kooky producers could dream up next. How often did you tune in?

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