The Quirkbook: What's Your Quirk?


Writer/software guy Rands recently sent out a fairly innocent tweet* saying: "Making a list of superstitions / foolish consistencies / lightweight OCD behaviors e.g. I always put my RIGHT shoe on first. You?" He quickly received nearly fifty replies (okay, tweets) from others with minor quirks. Rands compiled them into The Quirkbook, and it's delightful reading. (* = For the uninitiated, a "tweet" is the term for a message on Twitter.)

Here are a few of my favorites from the list:

brentsimmons I always sit on the right side of the plane, where it's safe. ckolderup volume levels on TV/stereo/etc must be even or divisible by 5 epochblue M&Ms must be eaten in even numbers. You wouldn't want one side of your mouth to get jealous while the other eats an M&M, would you? gooddoug Also, whenever I get a paper coffee cup sleeve, I _HAVE_ to line up the fold with the join in the paper cup. Always. OcelotPotPie I always set my alarm clock in odd numbers. For example, waking up at 8:00AM is an alarm set to 8:01AM. Or 8:59.

Rands got the name "Quirkbook" from Twitter user robertpalmer, who mentioned that such a book was used at his former office to collect little obsessions or oddities.

So what's your quirk? I'll start: I check that my keys are in my pocket at least five times as I'm walking out the door, with one last check as I'm actually closing the door. Physical contact between hand and keys required, no touching through the pocket. Also, wallet must be in left pocket. Oh, and I like to stop the microwave when one second remains, to avoid the beeping. I could go on. But I want to hear yours!

(Illustration from The Atlantic's article Quirked Around.)