Nude Hiker Vows to Do It Again

German janitor Siegfried Grawert was arrested for public nudity while campaigning for the right to hike naked. He was jailed for ten days because he refused to pay the 500 euro fine. Grawert told a local newspaper he planned to continue participating in organized nude hikes. Germany is tolerant of nude bathing, but less so of hiking and jogging in the buff.

Fisherman Hooks Himself

Fisherman Peter Inskip cast his line towards a lake near his home in Uxbridge, England and caught it in some brush. When he tried to pull it out, the lure snapped back at him and the lead fishing weight embedded itself into his chest! He could feel the weight in the back of his throat as paramedics rushed him to the hospital. Surgeons removed the weight, breaking his breastbone in the process and leaving him with six stitches. They said he was lucky he hadn't nicked an artery. Inskip plans to fish again as soon as he is able.
"It hasn't put me off one bit. The biggest downside is I'll probably never catch anything that big again."

Attempted Murder by Haunted House

38-year-old Sean A. Jennings of Spokane, Washington was sentenced to 12 years for trying to murder his wife. Last October, he called his wife out to the garage to see a haunted house he had arranged. He blindfolded her, telling her it was a surprise, then placed a noose around her neck. The woman lost consciousness before Jennings released her. When she came to, he advised her to hide the wound with a neck brace. The divorce was final a month later. Jennings pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder in a plea bargain.

Cow Stuck in Washer

150stuckcow.jpgA curious heifer in Cornwall got more than she bargained for when she stuck her head inside an abandoned washing machine. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals responded to a call and found the cow with the machine's drum completely encasing her head. RSPCA inspector David Hobbs freed the animal, and issued a statement about the irresponsibility of those who dump appliances instead of taking them to an approved landfill.

Stiletto Sprint

A $5,000 cash prize drew hundreds of women and several men to race in high heels down the street in Sydney, Australia last weekend. The 80-meter dash resulted in sore feet, twisted ankles, and a big pileup out of the starting gate. The winner was 18-year-old Brittney McGlone of Braidwood. The 265 people who ran set a record previously held by Holland, where 150 high-heeled runners participated in a similar event.

Woman "In Shock" Over 6-foot Zucchini

150zucchini.jpgApollonia Castitlione of Queens, New York grows zucchini every year, along with tomatoes and string beans. She's grown 4-foot zucchini before, but never anything as long as the 6-foot vegetable still growing in her garden. Castitlione posed with the zucchini, which is taller than she is, and said she would save the seeds to plant next year.
"It's so straight, it's so perfect. Usually, some are really crooked."*

The world record for zucchini is 7 feet, ten inches.