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Friday Happy Hour: Your Most Admired List

Jason English

1. Clear some room on your bookshelf. Later this fall, we'll be releasing our first hardcover book: The Mental Floss History of the World. As part of the promotional tour, I've been told that Mangesh and I will be hosting a pub trivia night in November somewhere in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I don't have a good feel for how many readers live within commuting distance of Brooklyn, or what percentage of that population would consider spending their Tuesday evening answering questions from strangers in a bar. But let us know if you might drop in. I don't have a fear of public speaking, but I have a fear of speaking to an empty room.

2. Since my wife gave birth to our first child in July, I've gained newfound respect for two groups in particular. They are:

"¢ Nurses. (It's not like this was a group I held in low esteem, but I just never realized just how great a good, caring nurse can be. Especially for someone like me, who hadn't held a baby since 1988.)

"¢ Parents of Twins, Triplets, Etc. (We recently met a couple who have triplet two-month-old girls. I'm now officially not allowed to complain about a lack of sleep.)

If we're making a most admired list, who would you add?

3. Millions of Americans watched various politicians make speeches during the Democratic and Republican conventions. Rather than risk ruining our little happy hour by getting overtly partisan, let's talk about great oration. What's the best address you've ever witnessed? (If you've never seen one in person, how about your favorite all-time speech?)

Three questions is plenty for today. Hope at least a few of you can make it to pub trivia night. We'll try to get a few of these going throughout the country (and the world—if you live abroad and want to run a mental_floss trivia night, let's make it happen.)