Caption Contest No. 11

David K. Israel

[there's still time to get that caption in!]

If you missed our interview with Marc Tyler Nobelman, author of Boys of Steel - The Creators of Superman, you might want to check that out before submitting your caption to our latest caption contest. Why? Because it's Marc's cartoon and he'll be the one judging your captions and selecting the 10 finalists for this month's contest. From those 10, the three who receive the most votes will receive copies of Marc's Superman book... so you stand a better chance if you know where he's coming from.
To repeat the rules, the idea here is quite simple: Your job is to come up with a gag. Make us smile, make us laugh, extra-points for those who are able to drop some interesting fact or trivia along the way. Have at it! The contest will run through the end of the weekend.

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