Solar Tree


Plants are the original solar generators. I once referred to the giant leaves on my pumpkin vines as "solar collectors" while explaining to my children how plants work. It makes sense to give plants the credit they deserve.

Most solar chargers are useful, but not beautiful. But they can be! PhotonSynthese is the name of this tree by French designer Vivien Muller. The "leaves" are 54 photovoltaic cells, gathering the power of sunlight just as a live tree does. The branches are detachable, so one tree will not look like the next, and can be changed around as you see fit.  Just set it in a sunny window like any houseplant, or outside on a nice day, and recharge your gadgets while they lie in the shade underneath the tree branches. It will never be mistaken for a live plant, but it looks a lot better than a glob of spaghetti wires hanging from your outlets (or in your window, if you already have some kind of solar generator). This solar tree isn't available to the public yet, but could be if there is enough interest. Just don't water it!