The Quick 10: 10 Secret Service Codenames

Stacy Conradt

It's common knowledge that the Presidents of the United States and their families have code names used by the Secret Service. But other people get the distinction as well "“ for example, important politicians, people running for office, certain celebrities, visiting dignitaries. Today's Quick 10 is about some of those non-Presidential nicknames. Look for a quiz later this week about Presidential code names!

1. Jesse Jackson "“ Pontiac or Thunder
2. Henry Kissinger "“ Woodcutter
3. Strom Thurmond "“ Footprint
4. Prince Charles "“ Unicorn (huh?) or Daily
5. Frank Sinatra "“ Napoleon
6. Pope John Paul II "“ Halo (how obvious.)
7. Rose Kennedy "“ Coppertone
8. Scott McClellan "“ Matrix (awesome)
9. Michael Dukakis "“ Peso
10. Queen Elizabeth II "“ Kittyhawk or Redfern

They all sound suspiciously like American Gladiator names to me. Although Prince Charles as "Unicorn" isn't very threatening.

A few other codenames I think I would take issue with if they were assigned to me:
Ted Kennedy: Sunburn
Ron Nessen: Clam Chowder
Ron Ziegler: Whale Boat

What would your codename be? I think I would request to be "Minty". Or perhaps "Pancakes".
You could always go the route of The Jerk and give yourself a name that will crack you up every time you hear the stoic Secret Service agents whispering it into their headsets.