With 753 guesses on the books, it's time to announce the winner of the 'I'll Keep The Change, But You Can Count It' game. I took advantage of the free coin-counting machine at my local Commerce Bank, and learned I had far less change than I'd hoped. (The whole thing about buying a new MacBook battery with my change? I'd better get used to working near an outlet.)


But some of you proved yourself far more able to estimate bulk coinage. The closest bid (without going over) belongs to Carole, who guessed $88.44. Congratulations!

Here's what she wins:

"¢ One (1) mental_floss t-shirt
"¢ One (1) back issue of mental_floss magazine
"¢ One (1) autographed copy of David Israel's critically acclaimed novel, Behind Everyman

Mike, Darwin, Renis and Justin all guessed in the low-$88 range, and will each receive a free back issue of the magazine. I'll be in touch about your prizes.

And if you want to see the coin breakdown (because I know you're dying to see the coin breakdown), here you are:


Let's do this again in 12-18 months.