Dream Car 123


It's a pyramid on wheels! The Dream Car 123 is an electric vehicle that holds only one passenger. Or maybe two people if they're small.

Greg Zanis of Sugar Grove, Illinois developed the Dream Car to be both fuel efficient and safe. Safe like a tank. The exterior is covered with bulletproof plexiglass. The entire vehicle is lined with bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap. The bottom frame is heavy gauge steel. There are four motors (one for each wheel) powered by 80 batteries.  Of course it's heavy. Zanis says, "... the Dream Car 123 with one occupant weighs about as much as my 1927 Cadillac with seven occupants." That's 8,000 pounds.

You drive it with a joystick. It needs no extra room to turn, and can even spin on its own axis. A 3.5  hour charge will take it about 240 miles, at up to 40 miles per hour. At night, it lights up like a neon sign, making it resemble a UFO more than a pyramid.

Zanis has also designed a special garage for the Dream Car that needs no electric grid. The "garage" is a 65-foot tower covered with solar panels and a wind turbine at the top, to gather power from both sun and wind.

See pictures of the Dream Car 123 at Technabob. Zanis hopes to mass-produce the Dream Car someday, with a retail price of about $24,000 for the standard model, and $21,000 for the lighter city model. Sure, I'd love to save money by never buying gas again, but that's small potatoes compared to the attention you'll draw tooling around town in a UFO-pyramid-tank!