Incredible Deep-Sea Creatures


Although the presentation was given ten years ago (the presenters start by cracking jokes about the then-current box office hit Titanic), ocean explorer David Gallo has some amazing video of animals and other interesting stuff in the deep sea. The thirteen-minute presentation is crammed full of video showing strange octopods, colorful jellyfish, beautiful tubeworms (including a worm fight!), and scary fish -- but there's also some really interesting video of deep-sea hydrothermal vents. The vents are surprisingly active, showing clouds of sulfurous volcanic crud pouring out. Despite this seemingly toxic environment, there's a thriving ecosystem surrounding the vents -- and Gallo has video to prove it.

If you've ever wondered what's down there, check out this video!

(Note: most of this video seems to have been taken by the Jason ROV that was made famous by Bob Ballard's Titanic investigation. (Well, okay, Ballard used Jason Jr., a prototype of Jason, but it was pretty much the same thing.)