The Quick 10: 10 of the Most Expensive Mergers in the Last 10 Years

Stacy Conradt

Are you sick of hearing about mergers and takeovers and bankruptcies and bailouts yet? If not, maybe this will finally cap it off for you. It's the 10 of the most expensive bank mergers in the last 10 years in terms of how much the transaction cost. Bank of America and Wachovia have been busy, huh?? The first company is the one who did the acquiring, the second was the company that got acquired, and the third is what they became known as after the merger.

1. Travelers Group and Citicorp = Citigroup, $140 billion.
2. Bank of America Corp + Merrill Lynch = Bank of America, $50 billion
3. Bank of America Corp. + FleetBoston Financial Corp. = Bank of America Corp., $47 billion.
4. Bank of America + MBNA Corporation = Bank of America Card Services, $35 billion
5. Wachovia + Golden West Financial = Wachovia, $25 billion
6. Wachovia + Worldwide Savings Bank = Wachovia, $25 billion
7. Bank of America + LaSalle Bank = Bank of America, $21 billion
8. Bank of New York + Mellon Financial Corporation = Bank of New York Mellon, $18.3 billion
9. Wachovia + South Trust = Wachovia, $14.3 billion
10. Capital One Financial Corporation + North Folk Bank = Capital One Financial Corporation, $13.2 billion.