Cyclist Collides with Black Bear

57-year-old Jim Litz was riding his bicycle to work in Missoula, Montana when he came over a rise and saw a 300-pound black bear right in front of him! He didn't even have time to brake, and ran right into the bear. The two tumbled over together before the bear ran away. The weight of the bear had cracked Litz' helmet, and he had claw scratches over his torso. Litz was taken to a local hospital.

World's Oldest Man Celebrate 113th Birthday

Tomoji Tanabe of Japan is the world's oldest man, and the eleventh oldest living person in the world. On Thursday he celebrated his 113th birthday at his home with a visit from the local mayor.
"I'm happy," said Tomoji Tanabe as the local mayor presented him with flowers and a giant tea cup glazed with his name and date of birth. "I'm well. I eat a lot," he added.
Japan has over 36,000 people aged 100 or older.

Hotel Fires Philanderers

A resort hotel in Turkey that caters to British and Russian tourists has fired all its male staff members for carrying on with female hotel guests. Image Hotel in Marmaris on the Mediterranean coast will now operate with an all-female staff. Manager Pelin Yucel said the change has been years in coming.

"The last straw was when I saw our bartender, who was a very decent man, walk out of the bathroom with a British tourist," Yucel was quoted in the media as saying.

Blind Masseurs Jump from Bridge

150jump.jpgIn South Korea, a law enacted in 1963 said only blind people could be licensed to practice the art of massage. A recent ruling granted to right to sighted people as well. In response, a group of blind masseurs staged a protest in which they threatened to jump from a bridge over Seoul's Han River. 26 were arrested and two jumped into the water. No injuries were reported.

Donkey Jailed for Theft

Authorities in Egypt arrested and man and his donkey for stealing corn out of a field that belonged to an agricultural research institution. The two were arrest at a police checkpoint when the corn was found in their possession. The man was given a fine of 50 Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to around nine dollars. The donkey, however, was sentenced to 24 hours in jail!

Polar Bear Causes Panic

150bearart.jpgThe bomb squad responded to call about a polar bear rummaging in a trash can Tuesday in Washington, DC. Citizens said he had been there for hours. The nearby Metro station and the surrounding area were evacuated. Ambulances and fire trucks were on hand to respond. A bomb demolition expert approached the bear, cut it open, and pulled newspaper out. It was a street art installation.