What's so funny 'bout bailouts and bank failures? If you're a fan of comics, plenty -- and even if you're not, they can be (and increasingly, are) a fun way to get a handle on what the heck is goin' down (other than the Dow) on Wall Street. The internet comic that's been making the rounds this week is the Subprime Mortgage Primer, populated with profanity-spewing stick figures like this one:

You know it's a widespread crisis when old battleaxes like Ziggy get into the fray. What's next -- The Family Circus loses their house?
Ziggy Bank Comic.gif

This strip, by comic artist Ted Rall, hits especially close to home for us here at Mental_floss. If this is truly a vision of our future, you may want to start investing heavily in the _floss -- and its burgeoning clever tee-shirt empire!