How Did You Know? - {day 5}

David K. Israel

If you've made it this far, I commend you! One more puzzle to solve and you're home free. First one to send in the correct answer to the challenge below, along with the correct answers found all along the path this week, AND, the logic behind "˜em (which is to say: HOW DID YOU KNOW?), gets a pick of any t-shirt and book from our store.
As with last month, we're also adding some special prizes this time around for those who come really close, but don't get all the answers in time. We've previously awarded some shirts and books to a couple contestants who impressed us with charts, diagrams, and other complex methods of recording and organizing the clues/answers. So we'll be on the lookout for the creative among you, as well. This is all to say: it pays to play whether you nab the grand prize or not.

Also new this time around, we're going to give away a really big, sa-weeet prize to any winning contestant who can defend the title three months in a row. Details on that as they develop, if they develop. If you haven't met defending champion Chan Stevens, you can read about him here.

As comments have been turned off for the length of the hunt, please click on the following link and send your answers and logic to us at:

If you missed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday's challenges, there might still be time to solve them all. No one knows how long it'll take for one of you trivia junkies to nail down the whole megillah, so make haste, make haste. And now, on the next page, I present the final puzzle, drawing on all the answers you dug up along the trail.

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Day 1: On Monday you were asked to name an object. There are several names for this object, but only one begins and ends with the same letter. That letter is a homophone for two different three-letter words in English with two different spellings. Which of the two is only composed of two letters?Day 2: On Tuesday you were asked to name seven TV theme songs. The first TV show is also the name of a song by the rock group Rush. What is the name of the album the song was released on? If you add the number invoked by the word triskaidekaphobia to the title of the album and insert a decimal point three places in (so that your final number looks like this what number do you have? Day 3: On Wednesday you were asked to name 5 movie clips and find the one movie clip that wasn't like the others. In the second clip, the actor who plays Commodus can be seen turning his thumb in the same direction as all the spectators. This ritual was known in Latin by what two words? One of the two words is the same word in Italian for both a unit of measure and a digit on the hand. What is the unit of measure in English? Day 4: On Thursday you were asked to find the names of six SNL players camouflaged in the puzzle. What is the antonym of the last name of the person found in No. 1?Day 5: With the above answers, you should now be able to complete the puzzle.

As always, be sure to send in ALL the answers to ALL the questions over the course of the week and show us your logic. Be sure to check back toward the end of October for the next How Did You Know?